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Shell Point Sailboard Annual Awards

Dan Smith Trophy

This highly coveted trophy is awarded to the best local sailor at the Stephen C. Smith Memorial Regatta, in memory of Dan Smith, a Shell Point sailor who died of cancer.

Perry Williams Sportsmanship Award

This is award, given in honor of a much missed club member, seeks to honor his memory by recognizing qualities of sportmanship, club service, and courteousness, both on and off the water.

Summer Series Award

This award goes to the winner of our annual SPSC Summer Series and recognizes local racing achievement.

Cock of the Walk Award

This award goes to the fastest sailor on the water at Shell Point Beach and generally excuses all levels of bragging and smug behavior for the duration of the year. The reigning COTW accepts challenges in the spring, but keep in mind, the Cock chooses the weapons.

Party Animal Award

Given annually at the Endless Summer Sailboard Classic, this award goes to the merrymaker who seems to have just a little more fun than anyone else.

Festermobile Award

This prize is awarded annually at the Rum and Rootbeer Regatta to the owner of the most beachworthy transportation.

Richard Noggin Award

This award is held in reserve, to be used when unexpected excellence in particularly obnoxious behavior rears it's ugly head.

Gallant Sailor Award

This award honors the sailor who doesn't have to wish he'd been a just a little more like Errol Flynn.