SPSC 2020 Rum n' Root Beer

The Great Covid Caper

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SPSC 2020 Rum n' Root Beer (Virtual)

The Great Covid Caper

Help Swami Jump and Gybe away from the pandemic! Order your swag item (gaiter scarf) until we run out of them. Registration for game play has closed. Game participants will be given instructions and team assignments before the game starts. The game starts at 2:00 pm on Sunday, August 9th and ends promptly at 6:00 pm that same day. Have fun with "The Great Covid Caper".
  • Curent Inventory = 6 Event Item(s) (gaiter scarf) Left

  • Terms and Conditions: In consideration of you accepting my entry/purchase, I hereby agree to hold harmless the organizers of the 2020 Rum n' Root Beer, the Shell Point Sailboard Club, their officers, members, directors, employees and agents from any and all damages, losses, claim suits, actions, expenses or liabilities which may arise from my participation in this virtual event.

      I agree with the terms and conditions.

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